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July 2022

If i were a color

then I would be a shade of blue

Blue stands for feelings, for longing and trust,

for breadth and depth.

It is my mission to go deeper with my art and to touch people's hearts. I want to bring harmony, love and joy into your life, awaken the "inner child" and amaze you.

With my works of art I want to take people on a journey. I paint encounters and stories, show places I've been and tell of deep feelings. When you love, your heart is inspired and colors emerge that make your soul shine.

My pictures are full of details, colors and feelings. When I make art, I do it with all my heart and I feel like I'm on a journey between colors.

I would like to invite people to open their eyes and hearts, to feel and love again, because that means life.

Can I take you on the trip?


AUGUST 2022-2023 // my abstract series "back in order" is online represented by AGORA GALLERY,

                                            Chelsea New York on >>> CATALOGUE DOWNLOAD <<<


APRIL 2022 // Solo-Exhibition at KYKAO HANDCRAFTED BREWERY in Patras, Greece


DECEMBER 2021 // International Art Exhibition called "SACRIFICE" in Milano and Fuerteventura at

                                      M.A.D.S. ART Gallery


AUGUST 2021 //„6 months of Italy“ & „bodylanguages“ at Galerie Berghammer in Linz, Austria


JULY 2019 // Solo-Exhibtion Gallery Berghammer in Linz, Austria 

SEPTEMBER 2018 // Solo-Exhibition „Blooming Times“ Garden of Secrets in Stroheim


OCTOBER 2017 // Exhibition „Art & Fashion“ im Kompetenz Netzwerk Wels, Austria


2016 - 2019 // Design Centrale Cafe Central in Linz, Austria



May 2021 // Creative Trainer at mgt Vienna, Austria

JULY - DECEMBER 2020 // Painting and drawing intense course at the„Academia di Arte“ in Florence, Italy

September 2010 // Graduation as graphic designer in the print sector at the „Werbe Design Akademie“ in Innsbruck

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