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My first abstract series is represented now from AGORA GALLERY Chelsea, NY


When you realise it is time to go new ways. To get involved in something new.

To leave your ­comfort zone and change something so that you can feel more joy in your life again. To stay curious about what is waiting for you around the next corner.



So many thoughts in my head. What kind of life do I want to live? What do I want to achieve? What is ­really important to me? What does living mean to me? Who am I? What makes me who I am? What do I take with me on my journey, what do I leave ­behind? I allow myself not to be perfect. Island or city life?


- 2 FACES -

We all have two or more faces. Some just don't show themselves right away. Do I trust my intuition? Do I want to see or do I look away? Do I let go or do I go along? Do I adapt and try to be someone else? Everything starts with a decision. Transformation and change.



A weekend in November in Patras, sitting on the stairs laughing and enjoying life,

friends and my favourite café on the hill, getting inspired while walking through the

alleys of the city, I love this chaos, the special vibe of the city, all the colours and

the pure feeling of joy inside me.



Deep and intimate love. Special bond between two people. Partners at eye level.

Closeness and distance, laughing and crying, loving as if you had never been hurt,

touching, trust and constancy.



It is often amazing where life takes us even though we have

planned it quite differently. Would I have believed that I could live on an island for a few months or even be in another country for more than half a year? To get completely involved in a different mentality? To learn another language? To discover many beautiful places by car? Often it turns out much better than you think in advance.



The feeling of not quite being here and not quite being there. Where do I want to live now?

Physically I live here in Nafplion but my heart has always been in Patras since autumn 2021. Deep down I feel like I am between two worlds. On the one hand, I enjoy the time living on the countryside, having the peace and nature around me. On the other hand, my heart leaps every time I go to Patras and I feel a great joy inside me. This city that has fascinated me for many months. It does some­thing to me that I cannot describe. The exchange with so many people. I keep meeting new people there and I like the chaos. It feels alive.



This one particular thing that you are burning for. That moves you and drives you to keep going. That you could talk about for hours. Your eyes start to sparkle ­because you love it so much when you do this one thing. You know how important it is for you even in difficult times. And this fire in your heart reminds you how good it is for you to do this and especially how it fills you up inside and you feel that this is exactly your way.


ABOUT TIME | Acrylic on Canvas | March 2022 | 19.5" x 23.5"


Everything is in motion and changing. Both internally and externally. You attract other people into your life. You do more things that are good for you. You suddenly know yourself better after you have looked inside and taken the time to tidy up. That warm and cosy feeling inside. Suddenly I'm in the flow again. Ideas bubble out of me. I notice things

that I hadn't noticed before. I reflect and open my heart.


WHEN YOUR HEART SPEAKS | Acrylic on Canvas | March 2022 | 35.5" x 23.5"


Most of the time in life we are very top-heavy and want to put everything in order. We want to under­stand everything, analyse everything correctly. In the process, we often leave our heart to the left. Because it could hurt or make no sense at all or we could dare to do something completely different if we decide with our heart.

But I think it's the other way around. If we decide things more with the heart and practise listening more to the language of love and living it, we feel much more than perhaps pain or disappointment. It could be that our heart helps us to jump over the meadow, to have a big smile on our face, to feel warmth and security and to feel inner happiness. It makes us learn again to trust in ourselves and in others. It makes us love and forgive. It makes us feel what is good for us and what is not.



Everything that fills me up in this city is there. The people, the colours, the chaos, the art, the park, the café on the hill, the encounters, the stairs with a view of the sea, the old street lamps, the perceived village in the middle of the big city, the laughter of the people, the honking of the cars, the dancing and the music, the pleasure and the joy, the life,

the special vibe of Patras.


- BLUE -

The last few months felt like deep sea diving in my emotional world. Illuminating the dark corners and finding hidden treasures behind them. Blue, the ­colour I have been most

drawn to for years. Blue stands for depth, vastness, trust and feelings.

For many months I felt a bit lost, like floating on the ocean, not really knowing where to go with myself. Where is my harbour? The fog was there and I lacked clear vision. Often I had doubts and wanted to give up, but then I felt a deep trust in myself and I knew that the only way out of this fog was through it. The waves were high and sometimes frightening, but I kept going because I was learning to trust again.


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