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Commissioned work & process of a work

My order process is a collaborative one. I approach each work as a blend of my creative practice and your story.


We work together and are inspired by different works, color combinations and the place where the work is to be created.


Based on our conversation, I then create an individual color palette and, with your approval, start with the first layers of paint on the canvas. You will also witness the development of the work as I share the steps with you throughout the process.



Terms of payment:

50% deposit, 50% after completion


Preferred payment:

Transfer to the specified account within 10 days,

Payment in installments possible after written agreement.

Send me an enquiry to:

Comissioned work, mixed media technique, June 2022 

Client works_edited_edited.jpg

Lupaia Hotel, Tuscany 2019


Jugendstil Villa in Germany, 2023

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