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When your heart speaks …

I am currently working on one of my last paintings of the abstract series BACK IN ORDER. When our heart is open, it feels a lot.

sneak peek of the layers of my new painting

Most of the time in life, we are very top-heavy and want to sort everything out. We want to understand everything, analyse everything correctly. We often leave our heart to the left. Because it could hurt or make no sense at all or we could dare to do something completely different if we decide with our heart.

But I think it is exactly the other way round. If we decide things more with our heart and practise listening more to the language of love and living it, we feel much more than perhaps pain or disappointment. It could possibly be that our heart helps us to jump over the meadow, to have a big smile on our face, to feel warmth and security and to feel inner happiness.

It makes us learn again to trust in ourselves as well as in others. It makes us love and forgive. It lets us feel what is good for us and what is not.

Your heart, which beats for you every second and is always there for you. How would it be if you just let go of everything and fall from your head into your heart and let yourself fully enter the ocean of your feelings?


With this painting I want to encourage you to express your feelings and let your heart speak. Don't be afraid to feel, because an open heart can also bring you many wonderful gifts.

Here you can see a part of the "making of" my new painting.

So many themes and situations have moved me to this abstract series BACK IN ORDER in the last months. I opened my heart and painted what I felt.


The publication of my abstract painting series on my website will take place on Friday, 8 April 2022. Additionally you can download the complete catalogue about the series there with all the information in German and English.

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I wish you a wonderful new week with decisions that come from the heart,



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